Jane Kubasik
Founder and President

Since 2001, Jane has led multiple national and regional educator-employer collaborations designed to prepare and inspire students on the path toward professional readiness. These cross-sector alliances have been grounded in research, with collaborative designs and embedded evaluations for evidenced-based performance management. Jane has led many projects that deliver progress in student understanding, interest, and skills critical to career success, with a special focus on STEM. Her groundbreaking approach is featured in numerous education and business publications, including a 2009 Harvard Business School case study, “Leading for Equity” and a 2014 University of Phoenix report, “Investment Criteria for STEM Education: What Counts for Excellence in STEM Programs?” Jane is responsible for strategic clarity, ensuring that all programs meet criteria for fiscal and mission integrity with evidence of student impact.


Emily Rogers
Vice President, Operations

Emily is an accomplished business operations leader with extensive experience in budget design and oversight, financial allocation and forecasting, personnel supervision, production scheduling, contract negotiation, and client collaboration. She has deep knowledge of nonprofit best practices, including governance, legal and accounting requirements. Emily handles all logistical aspects of the grant application process and manages the Spark 101 website. 


Tiffany Godbout Williams
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Tiffany brings more than 10 years as a nonprofit development executive with expertise in public-private funding and collaboration for career readiness. She is a proven nonprofit and education professional with extensive experience in business-education partnerships, organizational and fiscal management, development, public relations, human resources, data analysis, program measurement and evaluation, nonprofit and board management, and strategic planning. Tiffany previously served as the executive director for the Washington Hospitality Foundation and the Hospitality High School of Washington D.C. She leads the 114th Partnership® outreach and partnership efforts, responsible for broadening the organization’s network of productive, mission-aligned funders and partners.


Krystal Speed
Vice President, Program Design and Effectiveness

Krystal has an extensive background in the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors. She previously served as an elementary school mathematics teacher in the District of Columbia Public Schools and Fairfax County Public Schools. Her qualifications include a certificate from Dartmouth College in Developing High-Performing Minority Businesses, Capability Maturity Model integration (CMMI) training for Development and Services, and a certificate in Developing High Performing Minority Businesses. She is a Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) and a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). Krystal is responsible for Spark 101 program management, focused on repeatable process improvements that ensure quality, reliability, and affordability at scale.


Nikki Malcolm
Director of Programs and Communications

Nikki is an experienced program director, volunteer coordinator, and organizational trainer responsible for the design and execution of Spark 101 STEM Skills Videos and teacher engagement. She has helped nearly 100 employers design and deliver impactful challenges and works with teachers to ensure that the challenges align with teaching goals. She also curates and communicates Spark 101 impact stories.