You have done such a fantastic job by creating an avenue for all students, regardless of academic level, to experience authentic STEM applications. I am honored to have encountered your impact throughout the globe!
— Susan Patterson, Math Interventionist, Uplift Summit International Preperatory, Arlington, Texas

Spark 101 Increases Students’ Interest, Understanding, Plans in STEM Subjects and Related Career Fields

An independent evaluation found that students increased their STEM career awareness and skills after using the Spark 101 Interactive STEM Videos. The videos had the largest impact on STEM engagement among students who previously had little understanding of or interest in STEM pathways:

  •  50% of disengaged students newly understood the relevance of their STEM coursework to their lives

  • 33% of disengaged students were now interested in STEM courses and careers

  • 50% of disengaged students planned to take more STEM courses 

Also, 80 percent of surveyed students wanted teachers to integrate more video challenges into classwork and wanted employers to provide more challenges. For the complete evaluation, see “Using STEM Case Studies to Prepare Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Jobs: An Evaluation of Spark 101 Interactive STEM Videos.”

What Our Partners Say

“Developing a case study video with Spark 101 let us build our talent pathway by promoting STEM careers to thousands of students worldwide.”
—Michelle Unser, Engineering STEM Outreach Lead, Caterpillar Inc.

”Spark 101 is proving integral to learning the concept of ways to apply real-life situations to materials learned and, importantly, to help students see the many and varied career choices.”              
—A West Virginia educator, after a professional training seminar